School Year: 2014-2015

Course Description

In this class, we will study the vocabulary, grammar, social factors, and dialects etc. of the Chinese language in the following two settings: Visiting Friends and Making Appointments.

This class is taught in an interactive classroom setting. Students are required to actively participate in all class activities. Such as games, student presentations, projects, and role plays etc.. You will not only learn from the textbook and your teacher, but also learn from each other. It is critical that you take the initiative of exploring the culture and language outside the classroom so that you can share the learning with the class.


Þ Text Book - Integrated Chinese 3rd Edition (From School Library)
Þ Handouts and other supplement materials from the teacher

Course Requirement and Assessment

Attendance (5%)

Timely arrival and being able to stay for the full class session are expected.
You are expected to be in the classroom when the Bell rings. Please take care of personal business before the Bell rings, including bathroom and lockers.
Þ NO bathroom is allowed during the class
Þ NO Purchasing Drink/food is allowed during the class period
Þ Please have your class material ready before you come to the class, including Chinese Binder, notebook, pencils, textbook, homework assignment etc
Þ You have Two emergency hallway passes. If you do not use the hallway passes, Two points will be added to your final exam

Active class participation (15%)

You are required to participate assigned classroom activities. Refuse to participate will result in up to 15 points deduction from your final grade.
There will be a variety of venues for your participation in the classroom, including group discussions, and questions and comments about the homework, assignment and projects. A simple question or a short comment from you may just be right to set a great conversation going. Try to form the habit of speaking up early in the trimester. Please be attentive and respectful to your fellow classmates and your teachers when they speak.

Classroom Discipline (5%)

Talking during the class without teacher’s permission is restricted. Cell phone use, listening to personal music with ear buds or speakers are not permitted in the classroom, unless is teacher-directed activity. The use of technologies includes, but not limited to, use of personal computers/laptops needs to obtain permission from the teachers.

Quizzes (25%)

Þ There are quizzes for each lesson, including vocabulary, speech and grammar.
Þ There are surprise quizzes at the end of the classes. The quiz content will be the knowledge covered in that class.
Þ There are four unit tests.

Project (15%)

Project One
Computer-based, interactive Summary/Activity based on each of the two lessons.

Project Two
The Art of Translation - Chinese Poems

Homework assignments (20%)

Homework is expected to be turned in on the following school day. Delayed homework is expected to be turned in within one week from the due date. After the one-week period, any homework turned in will only get half the points.
There are also in-class assignments that are expected to be turned in before the end of the class. No late in-class assignment will be accepted.
There are going to be on-line assignments, recording assignments.

Exam (15%)

There will be one final exam.


93.0 – 100 A 90.0 – 92.9 A-
87.0 – 89.9 B+ 83.0 – 86.9 B 80.0 – 82.9 B-
77.0 – 79.9 C+ 73.0 – 76.9 C 70.0 – 72.9 C-
67.0 – 69.9 D+ 63.0 – 66.9 D 60.0 – 62.9 D-
0 – 59.9 E

Important Note:
*Cheating during exams and plagiarism for your writing assignments are strictly prohibited. If attempted, they will automatically result in your failing the course.

* Using on-line translator in writing assignment will result in zero point for the assignment, and can not be retaken.
*** Copying other classmates' assignment will result in both parties’ failing grade.

You are expected to know following vocabulary before Chinese 2A class:

L1: 你好 请问 贵姓 我 呢 叫 什么 是 老师 吗 不 学生 也 人 中国 美国
L2: 那 的 照片 这 爸爸 妈妈 哥哥 姐姐 弟弟 妹妹 儿子 女儿 孩子 他/她 没有 家 几 谁 两 和 都 做
L3: 九月 十二/八 号 星期四 天 日 今年 多大 岁 吃饭 怎么样 太了 喜欢 还是 可是 我们 晚上/饭 再见 现在 事 今天 很 忙 明天 为什么因为 同学 认识 朋友
L4: 周末 打球 看电视/电影 唱歌 跳舞 有时候去 外国 所以 想 觉得 有意思睡觉

You are expected to know following vocabulary by the end of Chinese 2A class:

L5: 介绍一下 高兴 漂亮 很大 在 V点儿 吧 茶 了 喝 聊天 才 回家 图书馆
L6: 给 打电话时间 问题 要() 考试 有空儿 方便 办公室 别客气下个 帮 得 以后 等